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4 thoughts on “my photos

  1. If I had to pick a personal favourite it would be the speeding gull.

    You seem able to capture mood. There are some would say baldly that the final shot above is technically not brilliant and they’d babble on for ages about lighting and focus and depth of field and other geek-speak but they’d be missing the point: it is a good image because it gets a message across鈥攖he more I look at it the more I get goosebumps. Brrrr~!

    So damn the critics, full speed ahead … and the only judge is you, yourself. Everyone else is just critics … and as ol’ Met said above (best advice you’ll ever get, so take note) practise, fiddle, tweak and Go Get ’em, Tiger!

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  2. Hi Sabrina, Thanks for checking out my blog. Love your portfolio; you will do well as a professional. May I suggest as a source for selling stock photography. They are located in London. Everything I saw on you site has stock sales potential. You may not sell a lot, but at least enough to buy a few candy bars every year. Best wishes.


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