Knowsley safari 

It was my birthday on Thursday, and as I love to try and get out with my camera when I can, we decided to take a trip to Knowsley safari park in Prescot. I’d never been to a safari park before so decided to give it a go. 

We started off with the drive through first as this is obviously the main attraction, I was feeling all excited at the thought of the animals being able to roam freely around us, oh to be like a kid again, ha ha! 

So starting off on the journey, you go past some pretty tame animals like different species of deer, emu and camels. Then you get to the lions, zebras and rhinos. I was hoping the lions would of been active but they were all sleeping on the grass and as we got up close, they were all huddled together  By the drivers side, not a great photo opportunity but they were amazing to be close to. 

You get a choice of either driving through the baboons or driving along the safe route, just outside a fence. We decided to take the safe route, didn’t want to risk any parts being torn off lol. They were funny to watch, jumping from car to car. 

Here’s the photos I got of the safari drive through.


Once we finished the safari drive we then parked up and went exploring round the rest of the park. We took a quick look at the bird display, which we were a bit too late to go into but we had just as good a view from the fence. I was gutted though, as they flew the golden eagle first And as we were a bit late getting there, I only got a chance to get a quick photo which isn’t the best but I’ve put it on here as it’s such a beautiful bird. 

We then had the chance to take a look at the elephants and giraffes and we went to the sea lion show which all the kids loved. Overall, it was a really enjoyable day with lots to do there. I’m hoping that if we go again, the lions hopefully might be a bit more active and I’d like to get a glimpse of the Tigers, which were nowhere to be seen this time 😦 

So here’s my photos I got from the rest of my visit! Hope you Enjoy! 



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