one four challenge – march week 2

The idea for the one four challenge is to pick a photo and edit it four different ways over 4 weeks. This challenge is hosted by Robyn over on her blog Captivate Me. It’s now week 2 of this months challenge and on this post I’m actually going to include my week 1 and week 2 versions together as I just missed out on posting my first version on week 1.

So, Here they are. The photo I have chosen is one I took of my local pier that is currently derelict. I have done my first two versions in Monochrome as I feel that this photo really suits a black and white theme. For the first one, I have added some clarity to the pier itself, and I’ve added a tint to the photo to give it a vintage look. The pier is Victorian so I think it fits quite well. With the second version, I have pretty much kept it the same (but without the tint). I’ve added a vignette to give it a darker feel.


one four week 1




13 thoughts on “one four challenge – march week 2

  1. There are such great lines and an old vintage feel to this pier. The black and white from this week really suits that style. Like I am seeing an old time photograph of this pier. Really great subject, interested to see how you process this in the next couple weeks.


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