monochrome madness week 52

This week marks the first year anniversary for the monochrome madness challenge hosted by Leanne Cole. I started taking part in this challenge on week 13 and I can’t believe its got to week 52 already! For this special occasion, everyone has been asked to go through all their monochrome photos they have entered over the past year, and to pick a favourite to include in the gallery on Leanne’s post this week. I found it really hard to choose my favourite, there’s so many to go through. But, I picked this photo I took on the beach early last year, I’ve always been really fond of this photo, definitely one of my favourites.


To mark the first years success of this challenge, I’ve included a gallery here of all my contributions to this challenge over the year. Well done to Leanne Cole and Laura Macky for keeping this challenge going and bringing so many people together. It’s really helped me learn a lot about photography! getting feedback and comments about my photos is always encouraging and It’s great to learn from other people taking part in this challenge. It’s great to see just from putting this gallery together, how my photography has changed over the year.


10 thoughts on “monochrome madness week 52

    • Thank you leanne!! Its my pleasure, and thankyou for keeping the challenge going! Ofcourse,I will definitely be continuing. Looking forward to the next year of monochrome madness! 🙂


  1. Oh Sabrina you put my favourite one on first – I just love the viewpoint, the textures in the sand, the reflections, the boat in the distance the sneakers…the list goes on, definitely my favourite. Your gallery is just a visual feast. You have such a different viewpoint which gives a fresh appeal to any photo you do, and the subject and composition – you have such a good eye. So refreshing, cant wait for the next 52 weeks of your B&Ws !!! 🙂

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    • Wow, thank you so much kaz for your kind comments. Im glad you like this one, its always been my favourite one too, i feel like it tells a story! Hope u carry on taking part in the monochrome madness and look forward to seeing all your entries too! 🙂

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