one four challenge – february week 1

It’s now a new month and time for a new photo to start editing 4-ways for this months one four challenge. For my first edition, I’ve turned the photo black and white, then I’ve put the colour back into one of the flowers to make it stand out. I’ve also added some vignette and vibrancy and used the blemish tool on photoshop to get rid of some white spots on the petals that were quite prominent.

Take a look at how to enter this challenge over on Robyn’s blog captivate me

one four feb wk 1-2-2


14 thoughts on “one four challenge – february week 1

  1. The colour on the flower is two tone, is that done deliberately or how the software has applied it across the image – I havent done selective colour like this myself so not quite sure how it works ?

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    • The colours on the flower is the actual colours. I did this in photoshop, i turn the whole image to black and white, then select the paint tool and when i paint over the flower, instead of painting a colour onto it, it will just let the normal colours of the photo show up again. I was really drawn to these flowers from their colour, i love the two tone effect 😊


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