one four challenge – january

Its a new month which means the one four challenge starts again. I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge, created by Robyn over on her blog:

Here is my chosen photo and first edited version for this months challenge.  I will include a poll along with the original version on my 4th week.



15 thoughts on “one four challenge – january

  1. Hi Sabrina – love the soft feather gently floating on the water. What did you do for your edit? Funny thing, I was trying to take a very similar shot the other day, but unlike yours, my image was a bit fuzzy – hard to be steady when you are shooting from a kayak!

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    • Hi, yes i can imagine it would be hard shooting from a kayak. This feather is actually on sand, well very wet sand, but it gives it a nice reflection in the water. Ive played around a little with the sharpness on this one and darkened it quite a bit. Ive added some luminance to the background to give it a nice smooth feel so the feather stands out. Hope your having a good day! 🙂

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  2. Ah Sabrina – this is truly beautiful!! The light, the textures, all of it.
    Wonderful treatment on this first edit. I like the contrasty feel with the depth you’ve given it. Can’t wait to see this progress through the month. Great choice!


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