one four challenge – december week 1

It’s a new month, which means it’s time to start editing a new photo 4 different ways for the one four challenge. I have picked a photo I took a few months ago of some horses I came across in a farm. They looked funny popping their heads out at the same time to say hello! 🙂

With this photo, I have turned down the clarity, added a vignette, increased the vibrance slightly, I have sharpened the front horses head a bit more so that it stands out. I’ve then added a bit of luminance to soften the background slightly. I’ve also added a slight cool tint to the photo.

So, Here’s my first edited version of the photo. I will include the original photo on the last week of the challenge, along with a poll again. Click on the link to head over to Robyn’s blog to read how to enter:



17 thoughts on “one four challenge – december week 1

  1. This is another gorgeous image from you Sabrina 🙂
    I really enjoy the way you soften and add light to your images – it suits this one so well too.
    Another fun month and a great start from you. Beautiful!


  2. I really appreciate the softness in this image as well. The beautiful deep brown comes through in the first horse, so realistic and yet dreamy too. Horses are marvelous. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this image as the weeks progress.


  3. Nice shot, I like what you did with toning down the clarity to blur the background – nice way of faking DOF. And the eye on the bay horse is lovely and sharp. The vignette in the bottom rh corner is quite a dark and feels like it unbalances the image there, its a bit of an odd shape and doesnt feel even which adds to the unbalanced feel even more to me.


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