one four challenge – nov week 4

It’s the 4th week of the one four challenge, hosted by Robyn over on her blog:

This is my fourth and final version of this photo. This week, I have gone for a different look, I’ve tried to make it look like a painting rather than a photo. I’ve taken the luminance right up, the clarity has been taken down, then I’ve adjusted the vibrance and added highlights. I’ve kept the background that I added to my week 2 version of the photo.

So, here’s my 4th version of my photo:

one four challenge-2-2

I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge, usually I would just edit a photo in 1 way and then go on to other photos but it’s pushed me to be a little bit more creative and think more about how I process my images, you can have a photo so many different ways.

Here are all my weeks entries together, I’ve included the original at the end.

So, let me know which version of this photo is your favourite, 1,2,3 or 4! I’m curious to see which one is the most popular. Personally, I quite like the first one I processed, I like the glow and the softness of the photo but let me know what you think, enjoy! 🙂

I now need to choose my next photo for the December challenge!




one four challenge-3




one four challenge-2-2





12 thoughts on “one four challenge – nov week 4

  1. Hi Sabrina – My vote goes for Week 3, your B&W version. It has been really interesting to see the progression. And I agree with your comment about being a little more creative. We tend to just go for the “usual” tweaks, but it is worth slowing down and taking the time to experiment. Chris


    • Hi chris thanks for voting! Yes, i tend to adjust pretty much the same things when editing each of my photos, i want to start being more creative with my editing now! Still have alot to learn on lightroom though but im enjoying it!


  2. I love your painterly approach this week Sabrina and really enjoyed seeing this beautiful image together as the 4 versions.
    Number 1 is my stand out favourite. The gorgeous glowy, sunlight gives such a mood of warmth and happiness.


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