ND fader filter

I’ve been wanting to start experimenting with different filters for a while now and I’ve finally bought myself an ND filter. well, it’s an ND fader filter to be exact. I always get drawn to those photos that show the sea as a bed of mist, or a river that’s silky, I feel like it adds a bit of surrealism or fantasy to a photo and I’ve been dying to try this myself. So I tried out my new filter yesterday, just down the beach as the tide was going out. These aren’t amazing but it’s a start. It’s such a fun filter to play around with, I could of stayed at the beach all day. It was a dull day yesterday so there wasn’t much light to play around with. I think my next goal now is to experiment with this filter during a sunset.


8 thoughts on “ND fader filter

      • Its really exciting that first time it all works and it gives you the taste to keep going. I hadn’t quite had that mist effect but will keep going and I too will get onto bulb more when I find my remote 😀 Looking forward to more of the same

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  1. These are nice photos Sabrina! I have found that when working with long exposure like this when there is not a lot of color it works really well to convert to B&W. I have also found that over cast days are great as well because there are less reflections on the water and you are able to do longer shutter speeds as the sun is too bright, even with a 10 stop filter.


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