one four challenge – nov wk1

There’s a new weekly challenge that has just been started this week by Robyn over on her blog ‘captivate me’. The idea of the challenge is to pick 1 photo, and over the space of 4 weeks, everyone is to edit the photo 4 different ways and post 1 version of the photo each week. So, starting with this week (week 1), I’m entering this edited version of a photo of my sister, taken a while back. I’ve taken the clarity down on this photo to give it a nice soft feel, I’ve also added some luminance to create a soft glow, I’ve changed the temperature slightly to give it a warmer feel and then I’ve added some vignette just to darken the edges slightly. I think after I’ve posted each version of the photo over 4 weeks, I will then include the original photo on the 4th week to compare to all the others.

If your interested in taking part in this challenge or to see what everyone is entering each week then click on the link here to the blog:



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