fireworks on bonfire night

As you know, It was bonfire night last night and we had a local fireworks display, which is only about a 10 minute walk from where I live. So, I decided to walk over with my partner and I took my camera along with me to try and get some shots of the display. I’d not photographed fireworks before so I was a bit reluctant to try as I haven’t really shot at night before either. So, I did a bit of research yesterday, mainly to see what kind of settings I need to be on really. For the best results I had to go for manual mode which I’m always sceptical about as I’m just not quite confident enough to shoot in manual yet. I try now and then, playing around with the settings but it’s all too easy just to rely on the cameras own settings. So, I thought I’d go into manual for the fireworks and just see how it goes. I wasn’t expecting to get much as I was shooting handheld. The settings I used for this was f11, ISO 100 and I had the exposure on BULB mode so I can determine how long I want the exposure to be. I actually found the BULB mode really fun to use, you can experiment a lot with it. So here’s my gallery of the bonfire night display, enjoy! 🙂


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