New Lens


I have recently received an amazing gift from my boyfriend for my birthday, a tamron 70-300mm SP telephoto lens for my canon camera. It has vibration control and an ultra sonic device for focusing. This lens is absolutely amazing! I’m really impressed with the vibration control, as your looking through the viewfinder you can see it just locking on to an image when it kicks in, reducing the camera shake so much! I got out with it for the first time yesterday, and had so much fun playing with it. The size seems very daunting at first, especially compared to my now tiny looking kit lens, it will take some getting used to. It has some good weight to it too, so I do need to practise handling it.

Here are some shots I got yesterday at one of my local parks. I wanted to put the pictures straight onto this post without editing them at all, just to show the images I have produced from this lens so far. I was really pleased with the detail you can get, especially as a lot of these images are pretty much zoomed right in. I had a lot of fun with this lens and I’m really excited to get practising now and producing some great shots. enjoy!



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